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Jeff Newland

    I'm thinking of perhaps heading to Keller on Friday or Saturday, weather permitting.  Anyone else interested?  Possibly short nights, depending on how long you want to be in the moonlight.  Moonrise at 11:03 on Friday and 11:41 on Saturday. 

    ISS flyovers at 21:42 (from NW to NNE) and 23:19 (very short, might miss if we blink) on Friday and 20:43 (NW to NNE) and 22:30 (WNW to NW) on Saturday.

    Sunset is at 8:14 and 8:13, so setting earlier and earlier. 

    Also, looking for Eagle Bluff on 8/22 or 8/23, unless Dean moves the Star BQ to that weekend.  ;D