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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I have a HUGE weekend of astronomy planned….

    both my ASTRONOMY and SKY&TELESCOPE magazines appeared in the mail today. HOORAY!!  (Pssst! Check out the 70 inch portable dob in S&T's edition on page 68. I think Randy is going to want to update in the near future.) My little library is looking pretty good this weekend.

    Now I won't feel so bad about missing our first shot at the March Messier Marathon. I sure hope Mr. Gorp, Julie, Astroboy and all the other astronomy afficianados will be at Eagle Bluff at the end of March for our second chance. The current RAC record stands at 82 for the MMM.

    Just think… it will be 60 degrees, dry air, all the snow will be gone and nothing overhead but stars, stars, stars with the sound of classical music quietly playing in the background. It will be AGNFA!!!