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Jeff Newland

    It was nice out there last night Bernie.  Sorry you couldn't make it.  It didn't look too good to start.  Some openings in the clouds, Arcturus, Vega, Altair.  Waited awhile and started clearing.  It got to be clear in the south and southwest.  Chris, Julie, and Joe showed up about 8:45 and the skies continued to clear and pretty much cleared out between 9 and 10.  Somewhere along the way, Brendan showed up.  He has come to the last few club meetings and saw that some of us where out at Keller and decided to come out and have a look.  He doesn't have a scope and was looking through ours and asking questions.  All in all a pretty good night.  We all turned in early and that was a good idea as the clouds started to come back in after 10:30 and it was getting mostly cloudy again when we packed up a little after 11.