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bernie engels

    Got out last weekend (down near Marshall).  Finally got to show my 80 y.o. mom what saturn looked like through a telescope.  She was amazed, to say the least!  Also pointed out venus, alcor/mizar, and several constellations…  your never to old to star gaze 😀
    Saturday night, once again searching for M51, and finally found it!  My wife and two other good friends with to share in my excitement.  My wife said, "you mean those two fuzzy things?"  When I explained how far away they were in relation to our "stars", she understood my excitement at finally finding it.  Going to the north shore(Grand Marais area) for the holiday weekend, and hoping the fires in Manitoba abate to that I can take advantage of the dark skies up there.
    Here's wishing you all safe weekend with clear skies wherever Independence day finds you!