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Jeff Newland

    Yes, it was nice out there on Tuesday night.  I didn't go the t-shirt route, but you probably could have done that.  It was warm enough, saw my first couple of mosquitoes of the year, but they weren't biting.  🙂

    I didn't know Venus was becoming visible.  I may have to look for that the next time out.  Looks like it might be too low for Keller, but will have to take a look for it.  It looks like at the end of the month (26 or 27) Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury will be all close together.  Something to look for then.

    Tuesday, just looking at a few of the same as the last time.  The only thing new was M13 in Hercules.  It was finally above the trees on the east side of Keller.  Started out with Jupiter.  Jupiter's moon had what I sort of think of as a 'classic' look, two moons on each side and it almost a straight line.  😉

    Saturn was looking nice.  We could discern what looked like a few moons, Titan, for sure and perhaps 3 others.

    Leo Triplet for sure, M81 and M82, and Whirlpool.  As Dean says, another AGNFA!