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Jeff Newland

    I guess I was planning to head out to Keller again tonight.  I think I will get ready for it anyway figuring it will clear up some, a little cloudy now.

    Last night wasn't as good as I thought it would be.  I was looking out the kitchen window to the west and saw clear skies.  We headed out last night and were driving down Bamber Valley road and looked east and south and what in the world are those clouds doing over there!  😀  We hoped they'd stay away and at the beginning, seemed to drift more to the east and away from us and not over us, but later one some clouds did come in from the south and clouded things up.  Sort of had a window to the west with Gemini, Auriga, and Jupiter.  But otherwise clouded over.  The moon came up and appeared to be in a clear spot, but not much else.  Stayed about an extra 20 minutes just to see if it would clear up enough to see Saturn and we got a couple of looks at it peeking out of the clouds, mostly not peeking. 
    Jupiter had 3 moons out to one side.  Right before we left the other moon came up.  Not quite sure if it had disappeared in front of or behind the moon.  Looking at Sky and telescope, looks like perhaps in front of Jupiter.  Things weren't looking too good.  Also, I guess too late Orion.  Low in the SW.  I didn't see M42, or but made out the trapezium.  No nebulosity, but trapezium was there.  🙂
    Found a few other things, Whirlpool, M51, Leo triplet, just barely made out NGC3628, the open clusters in Auriga and by Gemini (m35, m36, m37, m37) split Cor Caroli and Castor. 
    Not the greatest of nights, but great to be out and didn't get cold!  🙂

    Anyway, I think we'll plan for tonight at Keller, but have to see how it goes.