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Luka B

    I got out a bit too, last night. I tried to do some backyard imaging, and didn't succeed. When collimating my scope, one of the screws came out of it's thread.  So I had to take the tube apart to reseat the mirror cell. And by the time I did that, my mount started to make funny grinding noises. I know my mount makes all sorts of noises, but never heard those before. I wonder if some of the lubricant got too cold.

    After that fiasco, I did take a look at M42 and Jupiter in my grab and go setup. That was nice. The air was very steady for a few minutes there. M42 was not as great as from a dark site with a large scope, but it was worth seeing.

    Hopefully my next attempt will go more smoothly. My last attempt at AP was in March, which has been too long. I do think I have some unprocessed data hiding on my computer though, so I can play with that until the clear, dark night.