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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans. Steve (Stuppo) and I got out for two and a half hours tonight. First off was the Moon. There was awesome Earthshine. Then we noticed that there was a fairly bright (5th mag. star) close by. I told Steve we should keep an eye on that.

    Then we went after M1, the Crab Nebula. His finder is correct view and mine is upside down. After describing what it should look like, Steve still had trouble finding it. I looked along the tube and saw that he was in the wrong spot. There are times when you simply have to look along the telescope tube to get in the right place.(Especially on those beautiful, magnificent 8" Orion Dobsonians). He found it pretty quick after that.

    Then it was back to the Moon. The Moon did indeed occult Omega Pisicium which we both saw in our respective scopes. We'd have called up Ellenvega and chided her on not being there, since she has seen numerous occultations with us already, but it was really getting cold by then.

    We finished with the Orion Nebula, M41 in Canis Major, Jupiter (3 moons) and pulled the pin. It was AGNFA, at least, for January.