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Dean Johnson

    I hope Starbie made a wish on seeing her meteor. At least one of the RAC saw a Geminid.

    What do you astronomy fans think of having a star party at Eagle Bluff tomorrow night? I called and they said that there is absolutely nothing going on. We can have the parking lot all to ourselves.

    Since this is Christmas weekend, we could gather later than usual. Stuppo (Steve) doesn't have to work on Saturday so Friday night would work the best for him. The Moon phase is 1st quarter. We could arrive and set up, observe, and enjoy the night sky well into the morning hours and not have to worry about the next days commitments.

    We'd have to dress like we were going to Antarctica. But, we would have the opportunity to see the best of the winter sky. It would be the most unusual winter star party that the RAC has ever attempted.

    If there is not much interest, we'll just go out to the Flatin Farm hayfield. Merry Christmas and love to all. Dean