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Dean Johnson

    Another great night. Not so much weather wise, there was wind to deal with, but outreach was super. DuWayne "Dugan" Oakes had his 60th birthday party tonight and since I work "with" Dugan, (if you EVER say "I work FOR Dugan", you will get 'The Look'). There were lots of people there and I had my binocs and scope loaded up and showed them the Moon, Jupiter and the Pleadies. Most of the people that were there had never looked at stellar objects through any kind of instrument before.

    Then I went out to the Flatin Farm where I met up with my old buddy Steve and we looked at the Orion Nebula (a new object for his Messiers), M35 in Gemini along with NGC 2158, (I told him it was on the edge of the cluster, but not where and he found it all on his lonesome) and M41 in Canis Major.

    He is getting much quicker at finding stuff. His "object awareness" is growing by leaps and bounds. It is very fun to see.

    It was a very windy night, not so much in town, but out at the Flatin Farm, but still AGNFA!!