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Dean Johnson

    Well, it was windy tonight, but we hunkered down on the south side of the Flatin Farm corn strip and tucked in right up close to it. That took care of the telescope shaking too much. I knocked of 3 globular clusters in Ophiuchus and M72 in Aquarius, then recorded Zeta Piscium, and Beta and Delta Lyra for the binocular double star list.

    Steve got a bunch of Messier's in Sagittarius and found M33 in Triangulum all by his lonesome. Then I showed him how a filter (my Ultrablock) can make an object like the Helix Nebula really stand out, plus we also looked at part of the Veil Nebula in Cygnus.

    Binocular wise, M81 and M82 really stood out even though Ursa Major was at its lowest northern declination, and after we started getting tired, we sat back and counted how many stars we could see in the great square of Pegasus.

    All through the night, the Eta Perseid meteor shower treated us to lots of quick streaks of light, we saw quite a few. Tomorrow is the peak night, I hope you can get out there to enjoy them. I have to work at the Legion. Go Vikings!