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Dean Johnson

    Good for you for getting out there, Jeff. I know what you mean by lot of galaxies in Virgo. Before astronomers knew that they were "island universes", they referred to this part of the sky as "The Realm of the Nebula."

    Last night we had an outreach event at the wayside rest just west of Spring Grove for the kids in Mrs. Kapplinger's science class. There were about 20 people out there and Steve Remick and myself were able to keep them busy with our scopes and binocs. The skies were iffy with hit and miss clouds and a high haze, but Venus, the Moon, Mars and Saturn were viewed and liked, Alcor and Mizar put in an appearance and finished with M13.

    There was a lot of laser pointing going on, constellation identification, satellite watching, 1st magnitude star I.D. and just general discussion of astronomy. The folks were very interested in all of it. If it had gone off the night before we could have shown them a lot more.