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Dean Johnson

    Tonight was one of those nights where you wish you could never leave your observing spot. I hope you had an awesome time, Jeff.

    Unfortunately for me, I went back on the Herschel hunt and saw faint fuzzies that astronomers would scare little children with. Thank God for the Messier List (a.k.a.the Obvious Stuff), otherwise we would simply drive people out of this hobby. An observer has to be really dedicated to see what I saw tonight and now I know what kind of effort William Herschel had to do to complete the first all sky telescopic survey. I tip my hat to that man.

    The good news is that I am a single digit midget. 6 to go. I had to finish with a long look at 61 Cygni (my favorite double star) to recover. I also saw a very nice 4th mag.meteor cruise through Ophiuchus.

    Tonight's sky was simply amazing. God bless any of our beloved RAC that made it out there. AGNFA!