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    Twas a wonderfully warm day, and Wow what a great night to catch the some night sky. I went out for a few minutes and stayed out for almost an hour (course it helps having my winter attire on — almost was too warm. I didn't make it much past my patio, but I found some great spots that have all the neighbors lights blocked. I can't believe it's only 10pm.

    Too bad it's the time to set the clocks ahead one hour. It'll be harder to see as much and still get a good nights sleep!

    Leo almost looked like it was jumping over Mars. and how close Venus and Jupiter are. Just my eyes and binoculars. And the geese and ducks returning is surely a sign that spring is here. I saw so many crossing my field of view. When I saw the first pair go by, I thought it might be a meteor, until a few seconds later more, then the honk. A little disappointing, but then exciting as it is a sure indication that we'll be outside for more viewing with my more temperature sensitive bride. How soon till the next Star party?

    A beautiful night to lay on the grass, no bugs, staring up at the heavens. A beautiful night.