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Luka B

    I got out for a few hours at Keller on Saturday night. I tried to get auto-guiding to work, but it wouldn't. I still got some imaging and some binocular observing. I saw the North American Nebula, but just barely. Then a bunch of messier open clusters, and M81, 82, 31, 110 and 33.

    Just as I started to pack up and the clouds came in, a trio of hunters returning from the Raccoon opener stopped by in their truck. They wanted to know what I was looking at, and it was still on the Pleiades(which I tried to image), and I let them see that, and then turned it to Jupiter which was much more impressive, since I didn't have my low power eyepiece for the Pleiades. They were pretty amazed by that.  They were also wondering about the bright star in the early evening in the west, and I told them it was Arcturus. A surprising but pleasant ending to a good night of astronomy