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Dean Johnson

    Well, I got out for four hours before the clouds started moving in. I started my Globular Cluster observing program and nailed M15, M2, M13 and M56. M2 in Aquarius was especially nice. I had seen it before, but hadn't seen it in a long while. I almost forgot how pretty it is.

    Binocular observing was wonderful, too. Aldebaran and the Hyades, the Pleadies, Perseus Double Cluster, the Alpha Persei Association and Kembles Cascade were all great. That part of the fall sky was the most untroubled by clouds all night.

    Jupiter was amazing! There were 3 moons to the east and they were all stacked above and below each other. A rare sight.

    At any rate, it was great to be out, listening to classical music and enjoying the night sky. Hope you folks had some good luck, too.