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Dean Johnson

    Hi Jeff. I got an email from Jeff Boland from Eagle Bluff and he said that both of the next two Friday nights they have something going on, but that we could have the parking lot dark from 10 p.m. on.

    Jeff also said that Saturday nights of both those weekends would be good to go from sunset on. Jeff is eager to have us come on down, they are very excited to have Elvis.

    I do not have to tend bar this weekend until Sunday night. I would love to get in a big session on Saturday night with all of you from the RAC. Traditionally October is the last good month of observing for the year. From November until February, things get pretty spotty.

    I'm up for this weekend! If any of you would want to come all the way to the Flatin Farm hayfield, we could do a bang up Friday night as well. So far, both nights look good, forecast-wise.