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Dean Johnson

    Right on, brother Scott. Don't forget that between Perseus and Kemble's Cascade is the open star cluster Stock II. This is on the Binocular Deep Sky List and is easy to spot because it looks like a "stick man".

    I got out last night for a couple hours and racked up 3 more Lunar II's. Sinus Aestuumn, Mare Cognitum and crater Clavius and its craterlets. (This is where the Lunar 100 and Lunar II overlap. Clavius and Lacus Mortis are both on the same lists, what's up with that???) Hopefully more tonight.

    Good for you for getting some Herschel 400's from the urban skies of Rochester. You may need to come on down to good ol' Spring Grove to get NGC 3912, though. That one is real tough, some cruel son of a gun included that one in the list. BTW, it wasn't William Herschel that found that one. I'm pretty sure that NGC 3912 was discovered by the Marquis de Sade. Yeah, and he asked his old buddy Bill to put it on the Herschel 400 list as a 'future observing challenge'.

    The Marquis was into astronomy, wasn't he? It seems to me he was into something way back then….. ::)