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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I got out there for 4 and a half hours last night and made some good progress. I started off with binocular looks at the various 1st mag. stars while waiting for full darkness to come on and got the urge to see if I could spot Sirius B in the twilight, and I could! I think it is easier then, because Sirius A is not so overwhelming.

    Nine Herschel 400's last night. NGC's 4111, 4143, 4147, 4150, 4151, 4179, 4203, 4214 and 4245. NGC 4150 was a son-of-a-gun to find. 4143 was a nice object, as were 4179, 4203, and 4245. The best of the nine were NGC 4214 an irregular galaxy in Canes Venatici and NGC 4147 a globular cluster in Coma Berenices. 4214 is the biggest and brightest of the galaxies of last night and was very cool to look at even though it sits in a very faint star field. The globular I liked a lot because it was a great change of pace from a steady diet of galaxies! 4147 also sits in a curious star field of three 3 star asterisms to the north that are all very similar to each other.

    Another observation on the asteroids 3 Juno and 20 Massalia followed and they continue to pull farther to the west from Sigma and Tau Leonis respectively.

    Saturn finished up the night and did not disappoint. 5 moons! Titan and two others to the east and two more to the west. AGNFA! 🙂