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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans!

    We had Kirk, Luka and myself there at Eagle Bluff along with two female members of the staff. First, Valerie and second, Creel. (An unusual name to be sure, but both were very nice young ladies.)

    We showed them most of  the obvious stuff, but also had several meteors zipping through. and one REALLY bright one at 10:49:35. That one was brilliant blue-white, mag. -6, duration 3 seconds with a N to S direction. A briliant head, long separated trail.

    I found Comet Hartley 2 at the end of the night, but was very suprised to find it because now it is getting very, very faint.

    Luka finished his observations on the Binocular Deep Sky list and Kirk is getting very adept at pulling in deep sky objects. It was extremely fun to be out there with them. We may see more of the two young ladies as well, because they are interested in getting an observatory going at Eagle Bluff. Since they both work there, they do have some input.

    The newsletter by Scott looks awesome, and I will bring copies of the Spring Grove Herald coverage of the 3rd Annual Star-BQ to the meeting on Tuesday.

    See you there!