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Luka B

    Well last night was great, and Randy mentioned he might be back. I got there right before dark. Right after setting up, I looked at Jupiter, and what do you know, Io was right on the limb. I summoned Randy to take a look, in case it disappeared. Randy pointed it that it would be a shadow transit! So we did see that. But it was tough as the atmosphere was fairly turbulent. It was very pleasant on the ground though. I didn't even need my jacket until after 10. I did some imaging and observing with my large binoculars. I was able to find he comet with them in less 30 seconds. There was a young man who used to live in Singapore who showed up named We(sp?). He was very curious about everything and looked at some our favorites with us. Also a naturalist formerly from Eagle bluff stopped by with her parents. Randy showed them Jupiter, Uranus, a couple of other favorites, and the Ring and Dumbell nebulae. Kirk was also there with his really nice Discovery truss dob. Julie and Chris showed up with Joseph and a camper. That kid has cuteness and enthusiasm in spades. Randy tried out my 38mm Titan 70 degree eyepiece in his telescope, and Kirk's 35mm Panoptic. Both did well, with the panoptic sharper at the edges. Those were some extra large exit pupils, but the secondary wasn't ever seen. There were a few meteors seen, and I missed all but one, about mag 2-3. None were very spectacular, and is was many many less than at the Star-B-Q. Randy was packing up when I left at 12:30, but with the early sunset, that was plenty of time. AGNFA.