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Dean Johnson

    Well, I got out for four hours tonight. I had a buddy named Danny Neuzel show up. He stayed for the whole four hours! 😮

    I showed him all the obvious stuff and a lot of the not so obvious. He loved every minute of it. I'm going to hire him to show up at star parties just for his vocal expressions when he sees something new. He has 10X50 Bushnell binoculars and I guided him through the best of the fall objects plus a bit of the summertime bino objects that we can see. He definately has the astronomy bug and I bet I can talk him into coming up to some of the meetings. 8)

    Comet 103P Hartley in Casseopia is now a naked eye object! A week ago, I would have bet a 30 pack of Schmidt beer it wouldn't have made it. It is a little more impressive in the scope, but still does not sport a tail. However, tonight I could watch it and could see movement from the beginning of the observing session to the end. It's position in Casseopia adds an extra "star" that makes that part of Casseopia look like a short, fat, Cepheus. ::)

    We finished with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. It was A Glorious Night For Astronomy! ;D