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Dean Johnson

    I got out for three and a half hours on Saturday night. More out of town company, old buddy of mine from Texas with 3 teenage kids. They live in San Antonio and had never looked through a telescope before.

    I showed them Saturn, Venus, Mars, Polaris, M57, M13, M22, M8, M7, M6, Albireo, Antares and M4, and finished off the night with Jupiter and the Moon. The last two impressed them the most. (Saturn was low in the sky when we looked at it and didn't look the best). Jupiter showed all four of the Galilean Moons off to one side and had a background star on the other that almost looked like a fifth Galilean satellite. It was weird not seeing the south equatorial belt. It shows, but is very faint. The Moon was its usual spectacular self.

    The youngest kid, a boy named Bradley, was very excited about astronomy. I wouldn't be suprised if he gets a scope some day.

    BTW, nice shots of M16 John!