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Dean Johnson

    Well what do you know? There's a big bright yellow thing in the sky and the snow and clouds that were supposed to be shutting us out are not in sight.

    Which brings us to the possibility of a Messier Marathon…

    I had already committed to tending bar tonight because two other bartenders are sick and it was supposed to be cloudy. We have a live band tonigh and I know I'll get killer tips which would pad my cash flow for NCRAL.

    Mike Rowlands of the LaCrosse group wants to know if we are going to try a Messier Marathon. They might have some participants.

    How about the rest of you stalwarts of the RAC? Anyone interested? Luka?

    I have to remove a stump for a friend of mine this afternoon, so I'll check back in about 3 or 4 p.m.