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Luka B

    Glad to hear it Dean. I was out for 3.5 hours myself. And what do you know, I started imagining with a little of M105.  I didn't get much data, as I was futzing around with my old 1.25" focal reducer. I turns out it can't quite focus with my 2" adapter. I will need to try a "zero-profile" adapter or something. I also got out my laptop and webcam for planetary imaging, and imaged Mars a bit. I haven't looked at the data, but I'm not so hopeful. I may need to use a barlow next time.

    I also observed a few open clusters in Puppis and Monoceros with binoculars for the Binocular deep sky list.  I also found "Winter Albireo"(145 CMa) with my large binoculars. It looks wonderful at 22X.  I also managed to see M97 with my large binoculars. That is a first for me. The tough parts were the Rochester light pollution, and that fact that my mount for those is a little too short, and just barely pans high enough to see it.  Another amazing sight is M42. It looked so large. Almost like a short exposure photo. The effect of seeing it with two eyes, and with enough aperture is great!  It a completely different beast than from the city.