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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I got out for another 4 hours last night and nabbed 9 Herschel 400 objects, an asteroid Vesta position sighting and Rimae Cauchy, a Lunar II target.

    The Herschels were all galaxies: NGC's 3245, 3277, 3294, 3344, 3377, 3379, 3384, 3395, and 3432. The best of the bunch were 3294 and 3379/3384, a Herschel 400 "2 for 1".
    You may also know 3379 as M105 in Leo. NGC 3389 can be seen with them in the same FOV, but isn't a Herschel 400 object.

    Great to see that others have been getting out! I think our long cloudy winter is coming to an end.