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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I got out tonight for four hours. I looked at Sirius for 20 minutes and I swear I think I could see hints of Sirius B. I'll have to try again on a real steady night. There was a persistant breeze tonight that shook the scope a little.

    Mars got the naked eye, binocular and telescopic treatment. I could even see a thin dark band low in the southern hemisphere tonight along with a very prominent N. polar ice cap. My best look at it so far this go round.

    Five Lunar II targets went down tonight, the Aristarchus Plateau, Crater Marian, crater Gruithuisen and domes Gruithuisen Gamma and Delta, the Rumker Hills (Mons Rumker) and the Tycho rays. A very good night for lunar observing.

    Saturn finished off the night. Thin rings and two moons, Titan to the west and one to the east.

    A glorious night for astronomy! ;D