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Luka B

    A few days ago I ran across this set of logs for various lists: http://10minuteastronomy.wordpress.com/logbooks-for-al-observing-clubs/ .
    So while I was at Eagle Bluff Saturday, I began the deep sky binocular list.  The sky was quite good. I got there at 6:30. I first set up my imaging gear. After that, I started in the list. I had several pairs of binoculars. It was quite interesting how much the fuzz changed into stars between 7x and 21x. Some of the clusters on that list are very small and poor, others are quite rich and large.  At around 10 PM, it got quite cloudy, and even had some flurries. I was thinking to maybe wait a little, but decided to pack it in. I keep forgetting that famous targets like M42 and the Double Cluster, while quite visible from the city, look just 10 times better from Eagle bluff.  And others like M33, are usually impossible from the city do very easily stand out from dark skies.

    The chair definitely helped, but next time, I might bring a lounger or maybe build a parallelogram or something.