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Roger Southwick

    John — nice shots!  I love the detail of the triangulum region, and of course the dust lanes of NGC 891.

    Dean — thanks for the nice report.  Your detailed and recorded observations are a pleasure to read (and something I need to learn).

    I got out for a while on Friday as well but the humidity was really high.  Lenses would fog over every minute or two, even after using a hot-air dryer to warm them up.  You could see thin fog under streetlights too, so I should have known better than to try imaging M33.  After 30 minutes of exposures (and dryer operation), the result was a disappointing orange skyglow with a slightly brighter patch at the center of M33.

    Following the M33 photo fiasco, star clusters would be about the only thing worth finding in the fog.  Saw M objects 35 36 37 38 44 which looked very nice even through the haze.  Somehow managed to also see M1 M78 M77 M81-82 and of course M42-43.  After packing up and getting ready for bed, I grabbed the finder scope and from the living room floor stumbled upon M41; it was fun to "find" something new without specifically looking for it, especially while wearing pajamas and staying warm.