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Dean Johnson

    Well, I got out there after the Twins/Yankees game. I should have just skipped that, but I was really hoping they'd have beaten the damn Yankees.

    I'd have been with Davy Crockett at the Alamo, too.

    At any rate, I got out tonight for three and a half hours and that was really fun. Observations on Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Mars. (Neptune and Uranus were very easy to find.)
    Mars didn't show much detail, maybe a hint of white at the top, but no matter, after I record its retrograde motion this winter, I'll have enough observations to apply for my Solar System/Planetary Observers certificate.

    I got a polar crater for the Lunar II search. I did crater Malapert. I was going to do Cabeus, but by tonight it was in shadow. Navigating my way through the southern highland crater fields is VERY challenging. You have to use your atlas and then turn it mirror image in your mind to make sense of it all if you are using a star diagnol.

    Once I recognized crater Clavius, (from the Lunar 100 search) it was no problem. Great job by Randy and Kirk for getting the RAC some TV time!