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    I'm exhausted!  Set up the scope at the end of a long grass pier that juts into Green Bay.  It was very lonely and I kept watching my back. But I was out from 10:30 until about 1:15 – going back inside the house to look at Sky & Tel website (thanks, Jeff) to confirm what I was seeing.  Ended up putting in the 32mm with the 2xBarlow and finally got a good enough view to see Jupiter's rings and the moons disappearing.  Crashed fully dressed on the couch and the dog woke me up at 3:15 so I went out again – moon (the big one) was fabulous.  Crashed second time and everyone got up at 5:30 to pack up the cars to leave Door County so I got not much sleep.  How lucky that the weather in northern Wis was fantastic – lights of nearest town did not matter much as moon was so bright.  Set up the scope other times while I was there and gave Kate and Chris and my mom a quick tour of the sky. Also attended the monthly meeting of the Door County Astronomical Society at their observatory near Sturgeon Bay.  A full week.  B

    Jeff., I put in the 40mm lense – it must be mine!  b