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    Ahhhh well, looks like we missed a great evening of viewing.    🙁

    I had checked with Chester Woods and they had no problem with us staying past 10, and they do not padlock the gates, just close them, so getting out was not a problem. The advantage of the space behind the gates is the parking lot to the right is on a slight knoll of sorts, so makes for easy viewing and no tree line. Chester Woods also does not turn on the lights in the parking lot until later in the year, so that is not a problem. I realize there is a cost but at 25$ for a year pass, we can take in the lake during the summer month and view the skies at other times of the year. Best for us as we live on the NE side of town and the park is less than 10 minutes from our house. 

    I will continue to watch the forum when the weather is better, which will probably not be until next Friday or Saturday and will look for a chance to come out to Keller WMA.