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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I got out there tonight for four and a half hours. I'd have gotten an extra hour after sunset, but had a cloud bank roll thru. I used the time to wash my dirty van. 😀

    Venus is really cool. The cresent is so thin it reminds me of a total solar eclipse.

    Comet Lulin is in Gemini near Kappa and Mu Geminorum. It is getting a little dimmer, but is still a very good object.

    Saturn had Titan and 2 other Moons off on the west side tonight.

    Ceres has moved well northwest of 54 Leonis, but with the help of my previous observations, its color and a good star chart, I found it no problem.

    I got two Herschel 400 objects, NGC 2266 and NGC 2286, both are open clusters, but 2266 in Gemini is a beautiful little gem.  8) 2286 is wide and scattered.

    Lunar II wrapped things up, I nailed the crater Rabbi Levi.

    Kind of a persistant breeze, but the temps weren't bad. It was great to see all that stuff and finally get back on the Herschel search again. AGNFA!