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Jeff Newland

    It won't be tonight, but I'm thinking of heading out to Keller WMA on one (or more) of the next few nights after today.  Sunset is about 7:15 or so and moonrise is:  Thursday (12th) – 9:30PM, Friday (13th) – 10:42PM, Saturday (14th) – 11:50PM.
    Even on Thursday, would have a couple of hours before the moon gets up too high.  Forecasts for the next 3 days are saying partly cloudy or mostly sunny.  So, looks like a good chance to go out for awhile.  I'll post here if/when I go out.  Might wait till Friday as high on Thurs is only 20 and think I may want something a tad warmer.  ;D  But, if really clear tomorrow, may think of doing it anyway.  If anyone else decides to go and I haven't said anything, if you want company, post here and I may go.  Right now, thinking Friday or/and Saturday.