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Dean Johnson

    Well, no first quarter morning for me. After watching the weather and checking the CSC, I knew that earlier tonight was the time to go. Too much moonlight for deep sky stuff, so the Solar System got all the scrutiny tonight.

    Saturn, Ceres, Comet Lulin and Lunar II targets were on the celestial menu and I nailed 3 out of 4.

    Saturn was pretty cool, with Titan and three of the "amateur Moons" all to the east side. I thought I could see hints of a moon off the western edge, but couldn't quite pin it down.

    Ceres continues to move, now past 54 Leonis. It now makes an arc with the two brightest stars above and to the left of 54 Leonis. Tonight was my fourth observation of Ceres.

    Comet Lulin was too close to the Moon. I spent about a half hour looking for it, but the Moon is VERY bright.

    I did the Hortensius dome field west of the crater Copernicus for the Lunar II list. This area has many lava domes and was a possible landing site for one of the three Apollo missions that got cancelled.

    Then the dew started messing with my scope big time as clouds threatened from the west. But at least I got out there for two hours and enjoyed a fairly warm beautiful evening.
    It was fun. 🙂