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Luka B

    Thanks Dean. I think I am getting a bit better. At first it is just a matter of even knowing what your target looks like. And what you can't possibly see from the city. Or from the "darker-but-still-not-dark-enough" skies at Keller WMA.  I guess I'll put 5053 of things to look for at Eagle Bluff or darker spots.

    Are the other two galaxies right next to M65/M66 in the same category of really low surface brightness?
    And speaking of faint things, what is a good first planetary nebula to find? 

    The first quarter morning sounds neat ,and ambitious. I have a hard time getting up early. I imagine that "first quarter morning" works much better in the winter with long nights, than the summer with very short ones. Actually that's not something I'm thrilled about. While it will be more comfortable in temperature, the nights are so much shorter.