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Dean Johnson

    Awesome, Rick! Good for you!

    The Helix Nebula, (NGC 7293) is one of my favorite objects. It is so close to our solar system (670 light years away) and is the biggest planetary nebula in the sky. (Half the size of the full Moon.) But since its surface brightness is so low, it really is a tough object to spot.

    I made it out there tonight and got observations on Venus, Jupiter, two NGC objects in Sagittarius for my Herschel 400 search, Uranus and the Moon. I am doing the Lunar II observation of seeing it rise from the same spot, and following that up from the same place the next lunar cycle. I also got Crater Arago, and Arago alpha and beta. Alpha and Beta are two domes that could possibly be volcanic features on the Moon.

    I don't have the NGC #'s because I left everthing but the OTA out in the van. Tomorrow night looks good for observing so it is just easier to have everything in place.

    I'll be really happy to have my roof re-shingled so I can get some decent sleep at night. Roofing at 53 is a lot different than doing that at 23.