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Dean Johnson

    Here's the rundown on my notes for the second night at the Star BQ:

    Jupiter showed all four moons to the east in two pairs whose alignment mimiced each other. The Great Red Spot was plainly visible and I agree with Jerome that it really looked like "The Great White Spot".

    I used Epsilon Lyra for a check on the transparency and seeing. (Good, but not as great as Friday night).

    We had an ISS pass overhead from SW to NE at 10:24 p.m.

    I viewed M8, M22 and M13 with Kirk through "Elvis" and Brandon and I checked out the Veil Nebula in Cygnus using my Celestron G8 with the Ultra High Contrast filter. (Very good results)

    Collectively we saw 14 meteors bright enough to journal and several other faint ones. The early ones were Delta Aquarids or Capricornids, but the later ones seemed to have a radiant that would have been consistant with being Perseid meterors. Could they have been early Perseids?

    We also had my sister AJ stop out for about an hour and both that night and at breakfast at her house the next morning, she told me that she hopes we do this every year. 🙂

    It was AGNFA. What a weekend!