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    [quote author=Dean Johnson link=topic=233.msg1946#msg1946 date=1215381194]NGC 136 took over an hour to pin down. It is a very poor, horrible little star cluster in my opinion.[/quote]

    I suspect you didn't have enough aperture to really appreciate it.  According to the NSOG:

    8/10" – This cluster is a small patch of stardust…
    12/14" – This tiny, round group looks like a faint globular cluster.  Ten 13th-14th mag stars can be seen against a background glow.
    16/18" – …with careful inspection, a dozen threshold stars may be resolved in the nebulous background haze.

    Luginbuhl & Skiff say: "In 25cm this cluster appears as a hazy patch at 50x.  At 200x a half dozen mag 13 stars are visible with some haziness.  30cm … cluster is hazy with ten very faint stars resolved."

    My Webb Society guide to Open Clusters makes no mention of 136.