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    Observation down at Dean's tonight site tonight. It's a Flatten Field Recon and according to clear sky clock, this one will fly.

    Dean saw a very nice crossing of the ISS last night and we should get another one at 3:22 tonight (It'll pass under Jupiter heading northward, slice Capricornus, Aquarius, Pices and drop to the horizon between Aries and Cetus).

    Also, starting just before 2:00AM, Io's shadow will cross the limb of Jupiter, with Io shaking it's hand. Io continues to trail it's shadow all the way across the face of Jupiter, with the GRS appearing between 3:00 and 3:30. The twin transit (Io and its shadow) ends around 4:20.

    As that transit ends, watch for the ISS to reappear from Ophuchus. It will cut high, just missing Vega, through Cepheus and plunging to the NE horizon, just east of Capella.

    Catching Saturn and Mars will be an early task, neither of which will be spectacular but worth spotting with their proximity to one another. Neptune and Uranus will be targets tonight. Neptune is leading Aquarius and Uranus is trailing. It will be a five planet night! We should even make an attempt to spot the Dwarf not-a-planet at the crick in Serpens Cauda. I can't guarantee we'll be able to spot or recognize it, but I do guarantee it's up there.

    If anybody wants to join us, please do. I might be able to fit another person in my car if anybody is interested.

    That's only part of the plan for tonight… there will be plenty to look at. I think we'll be posting about AGNFA!