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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! 🙂 The Clear Sky Chart says tonight might be OK for some observing, but tomorrow night going into tomorrow morning is looking pretty darn good.

    I got rained out today, so I used some of my unexpected free time making copies of my journals when I FINALLY finish the Lunar 100 and Binocular Deep Sky. I'm jonesing for some telescope time, so tonight I think I'll start on Lunar II, make some planetary observations (Mars' position, now closing on Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter) and start charting the Ursa Major Moving group as listed in Burnham's Celetial Handbook. It would make for some interesting conversation at a star party to be able to point out the two dozen or stars that he lists as belonging to that group.

    If you can stay up late, take advantage of the dark sky after Moonset. You'll have three hours of darkness tonight and two plus on Sat. morning.

    Clear skies! ;D