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Dean Johnson

    Cool! I'd like to see that setup in action some time.

    I got out there for two and a half hours tonight. I got in observations on Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I think this will be the last night to see Mars and the Beehive together in binoculars, at least mine anyway. I nabbed four Herschels — NGC 5273 in Canes Venatici (extremely forgettable), 5322 in Ursa Major (a nice elliptical), and a "2 for 1" in Virgo, NGC 5363 (Elliptical) and NGC 5364 (Spiral). Those two sit in a nice star field and look very good. The elliptical stands out and then you can see the dimmer, but larger spiral below it.

    I'd have stayed out there longer, but I planted trees all day and I'm desparately tired. A short but glorious night for astronomy! ;D