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Jeff Newland

    Mars is closing in on the Beehive, be there in a couple of days.  Looking at it tonight and just off the edge of the Hive.  It's going to  to look pretty neat when it gets there.  The moon rose around 9:45 tonight and rising later each night, so you should be able to get a good look at that event as well as look at other things without the moon being up.  Oh…  I guess provided it isn't too cloudy.  🙂

    Out there about an hour tonight, Saturn, Mars, Beehive and then trying to find things I have found in the past and a few new ones.
    Former finds:  M65, M66, M81, M82, M13, M44 (Beehive), M104
    New for me:  M51, M92, M57