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    On 4/14/07 I logged M84 and M86 at 9:07 and 9:11 respectively using my 10" @120X.  M86 was only faintly visible with averted vision.  I have no record of the dimmer galaxy, but if it was much fainter, that night the answer would have been no.  I rated transparency as below average that night.  Only twice have I delved into the Virgo cluster, and the other time was at Eagle Bluff.

    I have no record of M65/66 using my 4.5".

    It was my opinion upon completing the urban list (which has both M84 and M86) that 84/86 were the toughest targets on the list and would probably have been impossible using my 4.5".  Most everything else was easier in the 10" but not impossible for the 4.5".  Perhaps on an exceptional night.