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Dean Johnson

    Hello astronomy fans! I got out there tonight from 7:30 to midnight. I finally made some progress on my Lunar 100 program. I got the craters Endymion and Macrobius for the binocular part and then got the craters Picard, Proclus, Funerius, Messier/Messier A and the Petavius Wall. The wall was really cool. It was so straight and dark that at first I thought it was a scratch on my scope. (Thank the Good Lord it wasn't!)

    I bagged the 3 Binocular Deep Sky Objects in Puppis that have been threatening to ease into the twilight, so now I'm down to getting my last dozen which will have to happen later this year.

    I tried to find Comet Wirtanen back, but that faint elusive comet was not to be seen tonight and I searched for a good half hour. Mars and M35 provided an easy, pleasing view. Too bad Mars won't cruise right through the cluster. That would be an outstanding imaging opportunity.

    I finished with Saturn, and during the moments of good seeing, (it was a little breezy out there) it showed great detail, along with Titan and two smaller moons.

    By the way, it's still COLD out there! See you all tomorrow night!