Evening Mercury

Mercury and Venus
Mercury and Venus on evening February 5 above Rochester NW neighborhood

The first three weeks of February 2020 there is good chance to spot elusive planet Mercury on the evening sky. Mercury is the innermost planet and doesn’t go far from Sun. This time of year Mercury can be seen on the evening sky about half hour after sunset. High above southwest horizon, there is also visible much brighter planet Venus. Mercury is below Venus to the right.

Picture of Mercury and Venus was taken on February 5 at 6:11 PM. Mercury is on the photograph just a small light pinprick in top of tree branches (see full image in new tab). It is possible to see it in binocular before can be seen by naked eye. Mercury will have highest elongation from the Sun on February 10, and that day will be longest observable. This window of of opportunity to see Mercury will last till February 17.

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