Sola Fide observatory, Austin MN

Cedar River Club meeting in Austin

The Cedar River Astronomy Club in Austin, MN has meeting on Friday 2/9/24 on 7 PM. See more at The Cedar River Astronomy Club‘s mission is to connect people with interest in astronomy and give hands on experience exploring the night sky while helping with outreach at the Sola Fide Observatory. In 1993, the Cedar River Astronomy Club was […]
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Minnesota Statewide Virtual Star Party by the Bell Museum

When you look up at the night sky, do you ever wonder how different it would look under really dark skies? What do others across the state see compared to the view in your town? What actions can you take to protect our night skies or help scientists understand the effects of light pollution? Join us for the Bell Museum’s […]
Constellation Canis Major at Oxbow
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Winter Sky above Oxbow

On Friday February 28 the Rochester Astronomy Club hosted Public Sky Observing at Oxbow Park. It was a nice winter day, that turned into beautiful evening for observing. This public event started at 6:30 PM and several RAC members provided telescopes. Tables and chairs were also setup inside the visitor center so observers could warm up and see presentations by […]
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Public Night Sky Observing Event 3/23

Salem Glen Winery 5211 60TH AVE SW, Rochester, MN 55902 Friday 3/23 8:00-10:00 PM Public Sky Observing of the young Moon, planet Venus, bright stars, double stars, and more by telescope with guidance members of the Rochester Astronomy Club. Observing will be on the patio and parting areas at Salem Glen Winery. In case of a cloudy weather there will […]