Carbon star V Aql

V Aquilae (V Aql) is a carbon star and semiregular variable star in the constellation Aquila. It has an apparent magnitude which varies between 6.6 and 8.4 and is located around 1,300 light years away. Star has significant red color, which is more highlighted in medium size and bigger telescopes, temperature 2800K. It can be find even by binocular under 3.4 magnitude bright Lambda Aquilae in constellation Eagle.
Coordinates (J2000): AR 19h04m24.16s, Decl -05°41’05.4″ .

Click on map to open it in new tab with full resolution.
Finder map was created with help of the AAVSO tool Variable Star Plotter with limit magnitude 10, field of view 4 degrees (240′), North is up and East is left. Then image was generated, and Eagle constellation map from Wikipedia was pasted as well as other editing. Number next to some stars is their brightness in deci-magnitudes. For example 40 means visual magnitude 4.0.

Robert Fealey took on Sunday September 5th a photo of the V Aquilae by Orion StarShot Mini 6.3 mp Color camera with 5 s exposure from his backyard observatory. He published cropped photo including another scaled and rotated mini version with map on forum Observing tonight?. Color of the star V Aql in the photo is almost orange, compared to red if looking by eye through the eyepiece of the telescope. Click on picture below for full resolution.

Another image of the carbon star V Aquilae taken on 9/19 at 1 AM (or so) by Robert Fealey and published at forum. The same camera and guide scope as on the September 6 picture was used. The exposure time was 4 seconds. Used program SharpCap Pro. The star colors are closer to the visual appearance in the telescope.

Astronomy League: Carbon Star Observing Program List (PDF)
The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO):

Note 2022-0927 Coordinates in Autostar II: V Aql – 19h05m37s  -5°39′19″, Vega – 18m37m42s +38°48′22″