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    Ugh!!!  I was foolish to rely on one ‘armchair observing site’ (SOHO) and so almost entirely missed the sunspot group (thanks Randy for kindly pointing it out to me yesterday!) pictured below (red arrow).  A reflection artifact (white arrow) also was noted while using the SteadyPix I phone adapter.
    I had last observed the sun around Jan 25th or so and didn’t see any spots.  Nor did SOHO and so I relied on the latter over the last 2 weeks to inform me about sunspots.  I hadn’t noticed the last SOHO sun image was dated Jan 28th.  Other sources such as Space Weather http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/communities/space-weather-enthusiasts (thanks Mike C) show the current view of the visible sun, with the spots still visible.  The I-phone image did not do justice to the telescope appearance!