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Josef Ch

    It's hard to capture solar eclipse. Maybe a poem can do that.


    A Solar Eclipse

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox ( Johnstown, Wisconsin 1850 – 1919 Connecticut )

    In that great journey of the stars through space
        About the mighty, all-directing Sun,
        The pallid, faithful Moon, has been the one
    Companion of the Earth. Her tender face,
    Pale with the swift, keen purpose of that race,
        Which at Time?s natal hour was first begun,
        Shines ever on her lover as they run
    And lights his orbit with her silvery smile.

    Sometimes such passionate love doth in her rise,
        Down from her beaten path she softly slips,
    And with her mantle veils the Sun?s bold eyes,
        Then in the gloaming finds her lover?s lips.
    While far and near the men our world call wise
        See only that the Sun is in eclipse.